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Trade liberalisation and its associated freeing of markets resulted in a greater volume of plant material entering the island. The result of this freeing of markets has been greater challenges for plant quarantine leading to the development of greater vigilance in all areas of operation of quarantine.


Plant Quarantine is extremely important in the effort to try to keep exotic plant pests and diseases that have the potential of inflicting severe economic damage to agricultural production and the island’s flora, out of the island. 

A surveillance and inspection service with respect to plant material entering and leaving Barbados is provided by the Plant Quarantine at the ports of entry and exit to Barbados, in accordance with International agreements on Plant Health and Trade such as the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and the WTO Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement (WTO/SPS).

Plant Quarantine also provides for

  • Phytosanitary certification services for local exporters of agricultural produce re: absence of pests / diseases, etc, as a prerequisite to such produce being accepted by the importing countries.
  • Inspection of sand, grasses and plants for tourism projects
  • Inspection of all solid wood packaging material (SWPM) in compliance with ISPM 15.
  • Collaboration with both the Plant Pathology and Entomology units on pests and diseases brought into the island through imported material. Random samples of planting material will routinely be submitted to both units for analysis.

    Mission statement

    To protect the integrity of our Agricultural resources by facilitating the movement of clean, high quality agricultural and horticultural produce and products


    • To provide surveillance, inspection and other related services to protect Barbadian agriculture, horticulture, lumber industry as well as the flora from harmful exotic pests and diseases
    • To prevent the entry of plant pests and diseases and weeds that may be detrimental to the flora of Barbados.
    • To inspect and certify agricultural and horticultural produce and products for international trade in accordance with the standard protocols of the International Plant Protection Commission and the Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures of the World trade Organisation.
    • To satisfy the WTO standards and requirements as outlined in the SPS agreement.
    • To create public educational programmes aimed at reducing the number of interceptions of prohibited material
    • To conduct post entry inspections on plant material destined for commercial nurseries.

    Who are our clients?

    International airline and cruise ship passengers, commercial Nurseries, Golf course managers, General Provision Merchants, Exporters of agricultural, horticultural material and other processed products, Inter-Island Traders and the general public. Our interactions with these parties will hopefully further their appreciation and understanding of the roles Plant Quarantine in maintaining an atmosphere where the movement of plant material is moved around the world according to the International standards as set out under the SPS. Agreement

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