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The Soil Conservation Unit was established in 1957 with its main function being to address the many special land conservation and stability problems occurring in the Scotland District of Barbados.



The Scotland District has very difficult geology. It is a pan-shaped area of land situated in the North-East of the Island and comprises about 6100 hectares (15000 acres) or 1/7 of the total land area of Barbados. It covers the entire parish of St. Andrew, the greater part of St. Joseph, parts of St. John, St. Thomas and St. Peter. The inland boundary is defined by Hackleton's Cliff, a coral escarpment that forms an arc of about 24 km (15) miles long from Pico Teneriffe (St. Peter) in the north down to Conset Bay (St. John) in the south. The District is bounded by the sea to the east.


The Soil Conservation Unit comprises five (5) main sections operating from the office compound at Haggatts in St. Andrew:

These sections work closely together to achieve the Unit's overall objectives. 

The use of a combination of engineering and agronomic measures has proven necessary to achieve the best Soil Conservation results.



To improve, stabilize and enhance the productivity of lands in the Scotland District, by devising and implementing appropriate systems of land management.




Mondays to Fridays 8:15am to 4:30pm excluding public holidays.

Sale of plants and other services offered to the public are accessible between 9:00am and 3:00pm



These include:

  • The Scotland District Community
  • Farmers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Non-profitable Organizations
  • General Public


Postal Address:   Soil Conservation Unit
                            Ministry of Agriculture
                            St. Andrew, BB25090

Telephone:  (246) 422-9030, (246) 422-9192 & (246) 422-9910

Fax: (246) 422-9833

E-mail:  scu@agriculture.gov.bb



There have been a number of Managers of the Soil Conservation Unit since inception in 1957.

Today, the Soil Conservation Unit has a staff of over 225 persons. Senior Management is as follows: 


Senior Agricultural Officer

      Mr. Glenn Marshall, BSc., MSc.
      Tel. (246) 422-9030,  (246) 422-9192  & (246) 422-9910
      Fax: (246) 422-9833


Senior Agricultural Assistant

      Mr. Edme Henry, BSc.
      Tel. (246) 422-9030, (246) 422-9192 & (246) 422-9910
      Fax: (246) 422-9833


Senior Agricultural Assistant

      Ms. Michelle Wilson, BSc.
      Tel. (246) 422-9030, (246) 422-9192 & (246) 422-9910
      Fax: (246) 422-9833

Senior Agricultral Assistant

      Mr. Kenny Ward, BSc., MSc.
      Tel. (246) 422-9030, (246) 422-9192 & (246) 422-9910
      Fax: (246) 422-9833

Executive Officer

      Mr. Peter Harewood
      Tel. (246) 422-9030, (246) 422-9192 & (246) 422-9910
      Fax: (246) 422-9833


      Mrs. Natalie Strickland
      Tel. (246) 422-9030, (246) 422-9192 & (246) 422-9910
      Fax: (246) 422-9833


Superintendant of Works

      Mr. John Springer
      Tel. (246) 422-9030, (246) 422-9192 & (246) 422-9910
      Fax: (246) 422-9833



The Soil Conservation Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture performs its duties by the powers vested in the Chief Agricultural Officer by the Soil Conservation Scotland District Act  1998 CAP 396. Other relevant legislation is as follows:


















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