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Fishery Worker Registration

Fisheries worker registration is required for all people who work in the fishing industry to be able to access various services or facilities provided by the Fisheries or Markets Divisions.


A person desirous of obtaining or renewing their registration as a fishery worker must submit the following documents to the Chief Fisheries Officer: -

  1. Completed application form for registration. (FD13)
  2. Barbados Identification Card.
  3. Barbados National Insurance & Social Security Registration Card (NIS Card).
  4. A valid work permit related to the role in the fishing industry. (For Non-nationals)
  5. Certificate required for role in fishing industry.
  6. Valid Markets Fish Seller’s Licence. (Processing or Vending)
  7. Valid Health Certificate. (Fishermen, Processing or Vending)
  8. Fisher’s Industry Identification Card. (Once it was issued) – (Retain)
  9. Client must allow the taking of their photograph and electronic signature.

The Health Certificate must be valid for at least a month after the date of sumbission of the application for the market licence.

Once there is no reason to refuse the application for registration based on Section 11, 12, 19, 25, the supervising officer shall approve the application for registration. The following items with respect to the applicant will be established: -

  • Fisher’s Industry Identification Card prepared and issued
  • Fisher’s file
  • Computerised record

The Fisher’s Industry Identification Card is to be issued in accordance with expiry date on the Market Fish Seller’s Licence or the Health Certificate. (Fishermen, Processing or Vending)

Special provision will be made for the registration of persons at processing plants or those who may be incapacitated.



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