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Commercial Fishing Vessel Registration

Commercial fishing vessel registration is required for all boats engaged in commercial fishing in Barbados.


  • The boat must be a Local Fishing Vessel as defined under the Fisheries Act 1993: Wholly owned by individuals or a company of persons who are citizens or permanent residents of Barbados - see text: -Fisheries Act 1993.pdf
  •  The applicant who may be an individual or a director or agent of a company, must complete the fishery worker application process.
  • The applicant must submit the following documents to the Chief Fisheries Officer: -
  1. Completed application form for registration of a local fishing vessel. Vessel Registration Form {FD7}
  2. The owner’s or director’s Barbados Identification Card.
  3. The owner’s or director’s valid Passport and any other documents that proves the owner or director is of Barbadian nationality or citizenship.
  4. The owner’s or director’s Barbados National Insurance & Social Security Registration Card (NIS Card).
  5. The relevant invoices, bill of sale, change of ownership letter and or other documentation supporting the procurement of the vessel.
  6. Company Owned Vessels - The certificate of company’s incorporation and the names of its directors.
  7. Imported Vessels - Completed customs declaration C63 form.
  8. Imported Vessels - A survey report.
  9. Imported Vessels - A de-registration  certificate from the country of origin must be submitted if the vessel was registered in another country.
  10. Imported Vessels - If the vessel is to be sailed to Barbados, prior to sailing, an application for temporary flag state status is to be made to: -

The Director of Maritime Affairs
Ministry of International Transport
Carlisle House
St. Michael

Forms and documents mentioned above may be downloaded from the links below:
The vessel registration form
The fishery worker registration form
The Fisheries Act 1993


  1. Boat owner or agent must complete fishery worker application process.
  2. Applicant must bring required documents to Fisheries Division


Upon the completion of the inspection process where a Certificate of Inspection has been issued, the supervising officer shall approve the application for registration. The following items with respect to the vessel will be established: -

  • A Certificate of Inspection is prepared and issued.
  • A Vessel’s file is created.
  • A Computerized record is made.
  • Register of Fishing Vessels updated.
  • A Certificate of Registration is prepared and issued.
  • A Marking Note for Local Commercial Fishing Vessel is prepared and issued.



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