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Tractor Service

The tractor service is available on request for scheduled launch or haul-out, or for emergency haul-out, of  fishing boats at a number of beaches.


Tractor and trailer haulout at Consett Bay

  • The boat must be registered as a Commercial Fishing Vessel and the vessel's inspection record must be current under the Fisheries Act Cap 391.
  • All aspects of the fisher and or vessel information must be in good standing {Owner must be currently registered}
  • Boats not in good standing or not registered under the Act, must pay a different fee.
  • The owner or agent, along with the boat captain and any necessary crew must be on site at the scheduled time.



For a regular launch or haul-out during regular operating hours, the boat owner or agent must: 

  • Apply in person to the Fisheries Division two working days prior to the requested date for service (see schedule).
  • Pay the required fee to the Clerical Officer, Accounts.

For an emergency haul-out where the vessel is in danger of beaching, running aground or sinking.
  • The owner or agent can call the office of the Fisheries Division or call senior staff of the fisheries Division or the tractor operator at home.
  • The required fee must be paid at the haul out site before service is rendered.

Contacts for Emergency Haul-out


Chief Fisheries Officer - Stephen Willoughby
Tel: 423-2077


Deputy-Chief Fisheries Officer - Joyce Leslie
Tel: 230-3328


Senior Fisheries assistant - Rolerick Sobers
Tel: 230-3335


Tractor Operator - Victor Nurse
Tel: 230-3338


Tractor Operator - Hartley Bedford
Tel: 230-3348


For haul-out on the approach of a hurricane or similar weather

  • A schedule for visits to various beaches is announced.
  • Boat owners or agents are to be at the site when the tractor arrives.


  • Information provided by the person requesting the tractor service is verified and the request logged.
  • Provided that all aspects of the fisher and or vessel information are in good standing in accordance with the Fisheries Act Cap 391. the supervising officer shall approve the request for the tractor service.
  • The following items with respect to the vessel and tractor service will be done and or updated: -
    • A receipt is issued for the service
    • The tractor operator is informed of the work schedule
    • A record is entered in the computer

For emergency tractor service after working hours

  • The Tractor Operator (if he receives the call)
    • Informs his supervisors.
    • Renders the service
    • Receives payment
    • Issues a receipt
    • A record is added to the vessels file and to the computerised record.



    Tractor Service Schedule

    See also Guidelines for the Fisheries Division Tractor Service .



    • Tent bay - St. Joseph     


    • Half Moon Fort - St. Lucy
    • Clinketts - St. Lucy
    • Shermens - St. Lucy
    • Sixmen’s - St. Peter
    • Lower Carlton - St. James
    • Reads Bay - St. James
    • Heron Bay - St. James
    • Holetown - St. James     


    • Oistins - Christ Church
    • Silver Sands - Christ Church
    • Skeete's Bay - St. Philip     


    • Consett Bay - St. John     


    • Payne’s Bay - St. James
    • Fitts Village - St. James
    • Prospect - St. James
    • Pile Bay - St. Michael
    • Brighton Beach - St. Michael
    • Brandons - St. Michael
    • Bay Street - St. Michael
    • Burke's Beach - St. Michael



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