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Irrigation, BADMC
Cassava Project MOU Signed
Biogas Digestion
Commodity Prices
Land For The Landless Programme
Airport Shop
Meat Department
Recipes To Try
Food Promotion Unit
Irrigation Engineering Unit
Farming with a Difference
Biogas Digestion
Extension Department
Springhall Land Lease Project
State Trading Enterprise


CAHFSA Logo Competition
Request For Proposal - Development of a Monitoring and Evaluation System for the NAHFCP
Request for Proposal- Development of a Communications Plan and Strategy
Facts About 4-H
Documents for 4-H Leaders
Laboratory Services
Amazing and Interesting Bacteria - Part 5
Amazing and Interesting Bacteria - Part 4
Amazing and Interesting Bacteria - Part 3
Amazing and Interesting Bacteria- Part 2
Amazing and Interesting Bacteria- Part 1
Significant Food Pathogens in Barbados and the World
Container Gardening for Small Vegetable Growers
How to take a soil sample
Fisheries Marketing and Statistics
Fisheries Division Contact Information
Fisheries Registration and Application Forms
Fisheries Division Legal Authority
Fishing Methods and Gear
Fisheries Publications
Fisheries Benchmark Events - History
Fishing Vessel Inspection
Overview of Barbadian Fisheries.
Fishing Vessel Inspection Types
Barbadian Fishing Vessels
Fisheries Division Vessel Inspection Schedule
Incentives and Rebates
Applications for Incentive Rebates and Grants
Method of Using New Prepaid Incentive Scheme
Statistics, Trade and Economics, Planning
School Gardening and Picture board Competition Guidelines
Grow Well! Eat Well! School Gardening and Recipe Competition
Compiled Production Data
The Agricultural Digest
Background Document on a White Paper on Agriculture
Crop Statistics
Plant Insects, Plant Disease, Plant Quarantine, Pesticides
Plant Quarantine Procedural Manual
Banned and Restricted Chemicals - Barbados
Import requirements
Snail Bounty
Management of Hazardous Wastes
Persistent Organic Pollutants
Pest Risk Analysis
Guidelines for completing import permit applications
Collecting material for disease identification
Identifying and controlling the Sago Palm Scale (Aulacaspis yasumatsui)
Identifying and destroying the Giant African Snail GAS (Achatina fulica)
Some Important Invasive Insect species
Phytosanitary Certificates explained
Phytosanitary terms and definitions
Know Your Garden Allies
Tips for the travelling public
Collecting insects for identification
Bacterial Spot
Root knot Nematode
Early blight of tomato
Angular leaf spot
Submitting samples for disease diagnosis
Submitting insects for identification
Banned and Restricted Chemicals - Rotterdam Convention
Satellite and Radar Imagery
Hurricane Preparedness for Households
Hurricane Tips for Mariners, Boat Owners and Farmers
Animal Quarantine, Laboratory Services, Animal Diseases
Preparing Your Dog or Cat for Importation - Category 2
Preparing Your Dog or Cat for Importation - Category 1
Bringing Meat to Barbados Brochure
Careers in Agriculture - Veterinary Laboratory Technologist
Careers in Agriculture - Veterinarian
Bird Flu Booklet
Biosecurity - Hygiene and Sanitation
Biosecurity on the Poultry Farm
Heat Stroke Kills Broilers
Scotland District, Fruit Trees
The Boundaries of the Scotland District of Barbados
Fruit Seasonality Chart
Land Capability and Planning Guidance Maps
Bio-stimulant properties of seaweeds and their extracts
Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas) Programme
Central Agronomic Research Station
Cassava; a nutritious and healthy staple crop
The Drought Survival kit
Everyday Hydroponics leaflet
Row covers...taking the greenhouse to the field
Abstracts of Papers Presented from Food Crop Dept. at National Agricultural Conference, 2009
Evaluation of the Most Suitable Parsley varieties under Protected Systems
Food Crop Annual Reports
Backyard Gardening tips, clips & pics
Crop Responses to Drought Stress….looking for early signs.
Using a Greenhouse to your Advantage
Food CropTechnical Reports
Organic Cabbage Fertility Trial
Components of a New Production System for Hot Pepper (capsicum spp)
Recent Research on Organic Agriculture
Recent research on Greenhouse Technology
Winning the Battle against Pawpaw Bunchy-top
Creating a Better Understanding of the Growth and Performance of the “W. I. red” Hot Pepper (capsicum spp.) in Barbados
Coping with Drought
Gardening in Limited Space
The Influence of High Planting density On the Early Yield of Hot Pepper (Capsicum spp.) in Barbados
Ideas for Sustainable Home Gardening- a tour of the Food Crop booth, Agrofest 2010
Summary of Food Crop Research Results (2008-09) and Outline of Benefits
The Performance of 3 Varieties of Parsley Grown with Mulch
The Yield Performance of 40 Sweet Potato(Ipomea batatas) Cultivars Grown in Barbados
Greenhouse Operation Manual
Introduction to Organic Agriculture
Greening Your Home Through Organic Agriculture
Organic Agriculture
Scouting for Bollworm and Budworm pests in Cotton
Mating disruption of the Pink Bollworm (PBW)
Large Crowd turn out for Cotton’s Town Hall Meeting
Exclusive Cotton of the Caribbean Inc.
A Cotton Experience - Part 3
A Cotton Experience - Part 2
A Cotton Experience - Part 1
A guide to Cotton Growing
Annual Report 2008/2009 Cotton Unit
Cotton Insect Manual
The Effect of Plant Spacing on Yield, Boll Size, Lint Percentage and Three Fibre Properties of Sea Island Cotton (Gossypium barbadense L.)
Publications, Library, Communication
Non Traditional Crops
Preventing Health Risk from the use of Pesticides in Agriculture
Tips on Water Harvesting
Container Gardening
Benefits of Gluten Free Products
Volume II Barbados Weather Outlook
Volume 1 Barbados Weather Outlook
Fruit and Vegetable Grown in Barbados
Hurricane Tips For farmers
Current Request for Submissions for consultants
Survey of Sugarcane Ratoon Stunting Disease in the
Use of Exogenous Oxytocin in Non-surgical Artificial
2003 National Agricultural Research Conference Presentations
International Agricultural and Related Links
Regional Agricultural and Related Links
List of Local Tractor Operators for Land Cultivation
List of Agricultural and Related Links
List of publications in the "How To Grow" Series
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